Friday, December 15

Effectively Handle Relationship Fear

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Loving is such a wonderful experience. To love someone will always bring you happiness and that happiness overflows when that someone also loves you genuinely in return. Knowing what love can bring us, we normally long for this feeling to last forever. This is normal; the occurrence of love in our life would surely make us want that relationship to stay and be firm against all odds that we are expecting.

The kind of mentality earlier can also lead to fears. The main fear that we might experience is the fear of breaking up. Being in a relationship would definitely build a bond between the two of you. A bond that was created through experiences shared, all those tears and laughers including all things you did that surely made a mark in your life. Those experiences are simply irreplaceable.

We may also have fears on third party. This might be observed especially when you see some changes in your partners’ behavior. It is something that makes you really worried. You definitely know that when your partner finds someone more interesting than you. That would surely end all those wonderful moments you had.     

Here are the things you must keep in mind for you not to be hysterical with your fears. Learn to trust, always give your utmost trust to your partner because you know pretty well that he/she loves you. Having fears is a sign that you don’t have a concrete trust with your partner. Second, there are a lot more wonderful things to do than worrying. Life is too good especially when you are in love. Do not let that fear get the most out of you. Enjoy your relationship and when it comes to those fears, just cross the bridge when you get there. Thinking of those fears before it actually might happen will just double its burden. That would surely hinder you from enjoying your current state. If you are greatly troubled by your fears, discuss that one with your partner so that your partner will now what’s on your mind and surely he/she will assure you that no one can ever take your place as her love.  

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