Wednesday, December 13

Three Shocking Signs That She Loves You Too!

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You have a very wonderful classmate who’s your crush since 1st grade.  You always admire her and often look at her while in class.  You always wanted to approach her and try to start a friendly relationship between the two of you and maybe sooner or later a romantic one but you just don’t have the courage to do so.  Maybe if you can just know if she loves you too then you’ll definitely have the courage to be in front of her and maybe ask her out.  Do not burden yourself with some speculations.  Here are some proven signs that your crush actually loves you to.

1.) The Stare.

Don’t take any stare you get from her seriously though.  There are a lot of possible reasons why she had her glance on you.  Maybe someone she knows is behind you.  It could also be that she was looking at certain thing that is by chance in line with; making it looks like she’s staring at you.  But then again, if these stares are getting too often and there are times when your eyes meet then that is a different case.  This sign is only applicable if the girl that you are mentioning does not know you or is not a friend.  It would be another case if she’s close to you because she will always have the reason to stare at you and it won’t mean a thing.

2.) The Unusual Shyness.

This sign is true if she’s already your friend especially if you know each other for quite a long time.   If you’ll find her acting strangely by being shy about things that you usually do like holding each other’s hand, being together in a single room, eating lunch together, etc. then this maybe a case of her falling for you.  Be observant on her actions but don’t talk about it because it would make her feel bad and really shy and may lead of her walking away from you.  Just be observant and if the feeling is mutual then go grab the chance, there are a lot of guys out there who are not as lucky as you in terms of love.

3.) Extreme Anger or Friendliness.

Sometimes a thing at its extremity hides a very good reason behind it.  If you find your crush always angry at you to the point that her actions doesn’t make sense at all you should start to be vigilant because she might have a crush on you too.  Of course, this will be true if her anger doesn’t make any sense and you did nothing wrong to offend her or what so ever.  Being extremely good to you is also a possible a sign that she loves you too.  All girls are sweet and caring but if you are extra special for her then that might be a good sign for you.

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