Saturday, December 16

Today's Most Annoying Popular Catch Phrases

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Today’s most annoying popular catch phrases

A good catch phrase can make a person’s career. That said they tend to get stale over time, and overuse can make a catch phrase positively nauseating. We’ve all heard them, and we all hate them.

Here are a bunch of catch phrases that drive me batty whenever I hear them, along with some extra commentary for flavor.

– “Oh HELL no!” Usually accompanied with some sort of head pivot, a saucy pose and an extended finger.

– “That’s hot.” No it’s not, Paris Hilton, no it’s not.

– “Wassaaaaap?” Very little, if you’re going to talk like that. Excuse me while I go fetch a tire iron to beat the stupid out of you.

– “The tribe has spoken.” One of these times I’d love to see Jeff Probst get kicked off the island. It’s bound to happen someday.

– “You want some? Come get some.” Okie dokie. I’ll be sure to bring my gun, too, to keep you from every saying that again. Ugh.

– “What-EVER!” Again, accompanied by some kind of saucy pose and an exasperated look. This one is way too Beverly Hills for me, and whether it’s used extensively out there or not it’s single-handedly convinced me to stay away from that area of the world.

– “Talk to the hand ’cause the face don’t wanna hear it!” The hand is probably smarter anyway, so sure, let’s do it.

– “This one time at band camp…” I have to admit I’ve used this one a few times, and found it funny at first. Now I shy away from it as readily as a fire from water.

– “Don’t have a cow, man.” This is a bit older, but I still hear it more often than I’d like. In fact I rather despise any of Bart Simpson’s stupid phrases,

– “How you doin’?” Coming out of Joey’s blissfully moronic mouth, this is pretty funny. Anybody else, though? Horrible.

– “You’re fired.” It’ll be you one of these days, Donald.

– “I’m lovin’ it.” That may be so when we first start eating, but given the stomach cramps you always give us, McDonalds, I doubt we’ll be saying as much when we’re stuck in the bathroom.

– “Are you havin’ a laugh?” It’s meant to be nauseating, and it does a great job: I hate when people say this in front of me. Given that my parents are Extras fans, I hear it way too often.

– “Does that make you HORNY, baby?” What, your fake British accent? No, it makes me unreasonably angry. Though I suppose “Does that make you UNREASONABLY ANGRY, baby?” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

– “We have to think outside the box.” You do that. I’ll be sure to lock you out of the box.

– “Let’s touch base about that later.” What? You have a base? Are you a statue?


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