Saturday, December 16

The Most Easiest Way to Communicate With Your God

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If you believes the god exist, I believe you will also want to know how to communicate with god.  Here is a few steps below on how you could follow.

  1. Find a quiet enviornment – To be able to communicate with god, you will need a quiet place that will allow you to concentrate your mind.  It is not unusual if you want to communicate with god in a library or a park.  Just find somewhere is quiet so you could concentrate your mind to do the communication with god.

  2. Sit down and Relax – Next, you will need to sit down and relax.  Once you could do that, you will have a different feeling about the anything that is surrounding you.  And this is just the beginning.

  3. Concentrate your thought in front of your nose – After you have done the step 2, then you will need to concentrate all of the energy in your body to one point – Between your eyes and top of your nose, you will be able to see or hear something once you could do this.

  4. Keep this once a day – Do you think you could be able to communicate with your god in just one day?  It would be possible for someone.  But if you cannot, you will need to keep doing those steps above everyday until you could communicate with your god.


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