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50 Green Christmas Ideas For Your Family

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Christmas Tree


  1. If you choose to have living tree, buy it from nearby source.

  2. Cut down your tree yourself should it be possible

  3. Choose organic tree which are free from pesticide or other chemical fertilizer.

  4. Buy potted tree. When Christmas is over you can donate it to the city park or replant it in your  garden. 

  5. Check if your city has “tree for rent” program.

  6. Recycle your tree after the festive season is over. You can compost it for example.

  7. If you choose to have artificial tree, buy one produce in your home country. It reduced the green house emission associated with shipping

  8. Make your own tree from scrap or recycled materials. It will be great fun for the whole family and the tree will be unique.

Christmas Card

  1. Send e-card to reduce landfill.

  2. Buy or make your own card using recycled paper.

  3. Reuse the cards you receive. Your children can use it to make art and craft project for example.

Christmas Gift

  1. Make your own gifts from natural or recycled items.

  2. Choose gifts that don’t use battery, whenever possible.

  3. When you buy electronics or toys, choose ones with rechargeable batteries.

  4. Buy gifts made of recycled materials.

  5. Go for immaterial gifts. For example a song, movie tickets, library membership, free cooking lessons, etc.

  6. Instead of present you can give home made cookies for your family and friends.

  7. Instead of buying new items, buy antiques.

  8. Buy your gifts at flea markets, local fair or thrift stores.

  9. Buy local products.

  10. Avoid wrapping. Alternatively, hide the gifts around the house and set up a game for your children to find the them using set of clues. It will be exiting.   

  11. Should wrapping is necessary, use old newspaper or magazine, paper bag or old fabric.

  12. Use wrapping paper printed on recycled paper.

  13. Use something to hold the gift other than wrapping paper that can be used for other purposes. For example use canvas bag or tin can.

  14. Keep the bows to be reused on other occasion.

  15. Avoid using metallic paper or glossy foil to wrap your presents.

  16. Avoid using tape whenever possible.

  17. To decorate your gifts, use old thing from your drawer such as old shoelaces, old flannel, etc.

  18. To cushion the contents of your gifts use peanuts, polyester fill from old pillows or dry pasta instead of plastic bubble wrap.

  19. When you received gift you don’t need, you can pass it to someone else, but do it with care as not to offend the original giver.

Christmas Decoration

  1. Choose LEDs (light emitting diodes) for your Christmas light decoration.

  2. If you live in tropical countries, you can consider using solar-powered lighting.

  3. Set lighting with timer.

  4. Choose smaller bulb for your lighting decoration.

  5. Reduce the number and size of lighting display.

  6. Turn indoor and outdoor lighting display off at bedtime.

  7. Buy artificial wreath that can be used year after year.

  8. Make your own wreath using shell, fabric remnants, unused part of an item for example used buttons, old accessories, old soda can, etc, anything that you can use around the house. For natural touch you can use handmade garland and leaf.

  9. Choose potted plant to decorate the house.

  10. Use natural object for decoration. All that can be turned into compost. You can also use seasonal fruit that you can eat afterwards.

  11. Make your own Christmas candle. Alternatively use beeswax or soy based candles.

  12. Save decoration that can be reused next year.

Christmas Feast

  1. Send Christmas feast invitation by email or by phone.

  2. Avoid using disposable glassware and plates. Rent additional tableware when necessary.

  3. Buy food supply in bulk.

  4. Recently, there is tableware made from bamboo. This merchandise is produced in Vietnam. It provides alternative green tableware for your holiday party.

  5. Compost leftovers from your Christmas feast.

Christmas Holiday Activity

  1. Arrange toys donation activities with your kids.

  2. Go on a family nature activity during the holiday such as mountain hiking, etc.


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