Sunday, December 17

Readbud Review

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Readbud– Is a paid to read website, wherein you will get paid for reading and rating articles.  Readbudis registered under a name domains by proxy, inc. in Scottsdale Arizona United States of America.  This site is carrying and expiration date until February 2011.  

What are the pros in joiningReadbud?

1.  It is free to join

2.  They pay from 5 cents per article to 15 cents or more.

3.  It is available nationwide

4.  There is no limit on how much you will earn.

5.  They pay inpaypal

What are the cons in joiningReadbud?

1.  I seems there are only a few people who claimed that they have been paid.

2.  There is no forum available.

3.  Even if they pay a high rate, thecashoutis still way to high.

4.  The site is earning only from there advertisers and Looking at it, they are not earning much in order to pay there member.

5.  They are encouraging to click on the ads. Which is a huge violation.

6.  There has been news that you have to purchase something in order tocashout.  It was not included in theTOS.

IsReadbudlegit or scam?

With the ratio of 1 is to 10000 that they are paying, it is better to stay away from this site.  You never know, those people who create the review are just employees just to promote there site.  However, there are a lot of people still trying hard to do there best to earn,Readbudjust keeps on making alibi in order that they can’t pay. It is suggested that you avoid this site.


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