Monday, December 11

Want to Remain Young For Ever?

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Want to remain young for ever?

It’s not a science fiction but very much real. Yes, you can remain active and virile for years and years. “ For how long?” is the only question to be solved. But whatever the age of your death, you would die a hale and hearty young person ! Surprised?

The researchers from Harvard University have designed a drug that would reverse the ageing process in any living being. They took a rodent equivalent to an 80 year old human being – the skin, brains, guts and other internal organs have worn out and two months after the drug was administered, the male mouse, though incapable of reproduction, had fathered two large litters and the fellow was a jumping Jack.

Dr. Ronald De Pinto is the man behind this invention. According to him, by 2015 A.D, the world will have 1.2 billion people aged over 60, an age one normally develops cancer , Alzhemeir’s, cardiovascular diseases etc. The world is going to see the reversal of these 60 year olds to around 30.

Well, 2015 is not far off. Let’s see how grand the Harvard University comes out of this experiment. This success is going to completely revolutionalise life on the Earth.

For instance, there will be nothing known as “infertile women”. All will be able to conceive. The current infertiles will be required to take the drug treatment and there is good hope for them to become mothers because all their organs will be fully revived and rejuvenated.

And those who had missed the boat of a married life, on account of age, could get married to young men. But don’t tell him your real age. “Take me as I am,” you must say and “May I demonstrate my youth? Choose your modus operandi darling?” [The doctor has assessed your ‘super age’ as 23, after the treatment].

This wonder drug is going to create a number of other problems as well. At what age should a man be retired from service? 58 or 60 or 65? You don’t have to bring in the age factor at all? The man looks absolutely fit as a fiddle at 58 and is capable of working for up to sixteen hours a day. “How then can we ask him to quit service on account of advance age ?” The retirement rule will have to be modified something like, all persons on completion of 38 year service will have to retire from service. Age doesn’t matter at all. And that’s that.


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