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True Grit, The Return of Westerns

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True Grit is adapting the novel by Charles Portis. The story first appeared as a series and is published for the first time in 1968 in the Saturday Evening Post. The writer then changes into a slightly novel the following year. It is adapted by Henry Hathaway in 1969 with the film for $ 100 a sheriff , with John Wayne, and will experience more: A bible and a gun .

Mattie Ross tells the first person in the twilight of his life, the great adventure of his youth. She describes her desire for revenge, the story engine. His father was assassinated by one of his laborers named Chaney. After the purchase of horses, two men went into a tavern, where, attempting to intervene in a fight with his employee, the owner was killed by it for loot now legendary: $ 150, a horse and 2 gold. Joining a gang of off-the-law with the shares of the cake, the rover will now be tracked by this young girl of fourteen years and having only revenge in mind: to apply the hard law of retaliation. She will be assisted in his business by RJ Cogburn, Marshall District. Eyed, paunchy, often drunk and having the trigger-happy, Cogburn is a central element of the story. S’adjoignent them Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, obsessed by money and Chaney already looking for similar offenses that occurred in Texas.

Such is the premise of this story of revenge and redemption. One of the major themes of the film lies in the Coen film called “transition”. Transition to adulthood for our heroine (physical transformation, taking responsibility or mysterious romance) or for other actors: the apprehension of new characters, changing motivations or exhorting courage. The subject seems to take us towards a mature and thoughtful work. Revenge as much as the camaraderie. By this simple tone, the work is adorned with biblical motifs recurring filmmakers move away and make an honest portrait of men full of flaws, but carried by a boundless determination.

Know that the novelist was also brought to the screen during the adaptation of his new Jack Haley Norwood Jr.


The film opens Dec. 10 in the United States and 23 February 2011 in France. American viewers will have the pleasure of attending the second collaboration of recent Oscar winner Jeff Bridges with those who consecrated in The Big Lebowski . Homecoming also with the very talented Josh Brolin who directed No Country for Old Men for filmmakers.

These embody respectively Cogburn Bridges and the role of the assassin Chaney for Brolin. Added to this already prestigious distribution, Barry Pepper, seen for example in “Saving Private Ryan . For the first time at the cinema and more accustomed to short films or TV series appearances, the young Hailee Steinfeld interpret Mattie . Finally Matt Damon will be the famous Texas Ranger LaBoeuf. It must be remembered that with the actors in the previous adjustment, the two brothers were to bring together a poster that impresses. Indeed, $ 100 for a sheriff met John Wayne, Robert Duvall and Dennis Hopper. It’s no surprise that we find also the resident composer Joel Coen: Carter Burwell, already the author of fifteen partitions on seventeen achievements! Finally, although some still had some reservations, they should disappear with the announcement of the first collaboration between the makers of Burn After Reading and Steven Spielberg for the position of producer.


Like movies like Appaloosa , Open Range or 3:10 to Yuma (also a remake), we see that the filmmakers know their classical and contemporary able to update the Western masterfully. The Coen brothers are no exception to the rule and tries to get away from the Hathaway film by focusing on the story of Portis. 196.9 film him, focused on the partition of John Wayne, and earned the actor the only Oscar of his career. The two directors, while remaining faithful to the original script does not Mattie in old woman accusing the years and his adventures with anyone who will listen. The film begins and ends in 1880. They also claim to have reduced the scope of religious about including such a surprising romance. The fate of some characters is apparently he also intended to be upset. A final release was finally taken with the unit instead of the original novel as the mountains of Colorado Film contrast with the original Arkansas and Oklahoma.

A few months away yet from the Coen brothers film. They distill information sparingly and driving up the expectations by some attractive posters or pictures selected with care. However, you can chew your brake watching the gorgeous trailer below whose aesthetic style ‘ Deadwood makes us hope for a movie-event, and the comeback of western!


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