Monday, December 11

What Drivers Need to Remember

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Drivers need to remember that their lives and lives of all others on the road are in their hands. They must be extra careful while driving. A lot of drivers are on their phones while driving even in the interstate where traffic is heavy. Lots of accidents are happening because of drivers not paying attention while driving. Well, it is considerable to use your phone while driving if it is in the state of emergency but when it is habitual, it is never good to do that. Some drivers are over confident with their driving skills without realizing that accidents never happened only to unskilled drivers, it happened to everybody who are not careful.

There are drivers who are over speeding and keep on changing lanes without turning on their signals. That is very dangerous because the lives of those who are following them are at risk. Drivers should remember that everyone is in a hurry, not only them but all and they should always remember to exercise courtesy on the road. Bad drivers are always into trouble.

Drivers should avoid texting while driving. I’ve seen a lot of young drivers who are texting with their cellphones while on the steering wheels. I could not imagine why they are doing that? maybe texting is more dangerous than talking in their phones. Young drivers are always doing this. I just pity the others on the road who are driving carefully but still meet accidents because of others who are not paying attention while driving. I just wish there is a law to that and those who will violate will be fined or be put to jail.

I just hope that drivers will realize that they can save their lives and the lives of others if they will pay attention while on the road.


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