Monday, December 18

Johnny Depp Loves France Writers, Unless Its Conjugation

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“It’s difficult even the ‘conjugation’. It makes me crazy,” he told Reuters on Wednesday in French in Paris, where he is promoting his latest film, “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie .

Mastery does well the rest of the language of Molière? “Although I do not know, but it’s coming,” replied the actor’s favorite Tim Burton, who divides his time between California, the suburbs of Paris and southern France with his family.

“France is everything to me,” he said in English. “She gave me the simplicity, the idea of being able to live a simple life, semi-normal with my children,” Lily-Rose and Jack, said the star.

“There must be a reason why artists and writers have always gravitated here, there’s something magnetic,” said Johnny Depp, who shot some scenes in the film in French by Yvan Attal “They married and had many children. “

“Just walking in the streets, going into these restaurants Closerie like lilacs, it’s history and you feel it. I see Baudelaire in the corner, I see James Joyce, I see Simone de Beauvoir and Hemingway and Fitzgerald. I feel them there, “he said.

Angelina Jolie, whom he played the lover in “The Tourist”, could play a heroine of Baudelaire, he said. “It could embody ‘the flowers of evil’,” he said.


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