Sunday, December 17

Michael Douglas Still Combative And Catherine Zeta-Jones, a Serene Mother!

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The strength of the Green Dragon is Michael Douglas! The actor of 66 years underwent treatment against his throat cancer and now appears with a better appearance. If he remains cautious about the evolution of his health, saying he must go through chemo or radiation, he is preparing, he shows combative weight off his relatives.

Wearing his cap, scratched even a green dragon on December 9, the star of Wall Street 1 and 2 also appeared in a video art created for the New York Times Magazine (see above). Fascinating, intriguing show concern, the Hollywood star requires charisma. Many stars have participated in this project as Natalie Portman, troubling blonde.

Reassured by the news of the health of her husband, Catherine Zeta-Jones is obviously more relaxed. So she can walk with his wild dog more peace of mind, or picking her daughter Carys, age 7, a lighter heart, December 8. Meanwhile, their other son Dylan, 10, was already being returned to his father. Still hidden behind his hat, Catherine does not reveal too much, but to see her face, you can always watch his latest film, My Baby-sitter Justin Bartha.

Thanks to the care he received his strength and Michael Douglas can expect to spend a happy New Year with relatives. He is also preparing to resume work as well portray Liberace’s famous in the film of the same name soon realize that Steven Soderbergh (who had already directed Michael in Traffic), also with the casting Matt Damon.a


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