Monday, December 18

Narnia 3: Liam Neeson is at The Heart of a Controversy in Spite of Himself

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Liam Neeson , which doubles the Lion Aslan in the Narnia saga in English, returned to the booths lining the sequel The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader . Present at the premiere of the film, the actor should have some say seven times turn his tongue in her mouth before it: “In addition to symbolize Christ, Aslan may also represent Muhammad, Buddha, and all Prophets and other great spiritual figures throughout the centuries. Aslan This could represent, in addition to being a mentor for children. This is it for me. ”

It did not take more than these remarks reported by The Telegraph for Narnia fans crying foul. It must be said that CS Lewis, author of seven books of Narnia, is well known for his work print of Christianity: Aslan is a character inspired by Christ to guide children away from evil, and that the author had created by answering the question “What would Christ if a world like Narnia was real?”. There was even able to attend the death of the lion who sacrificed himself to save Narnia in the first part, before seeing a resurrected triumphantly, history that the link is clear.

Liam Neeson was so angered fans of CS Lewis, those of his former secretary, Walter Hooper: “Aslan has nothing to do with Islam. Lewis had totally denied that. He had himself written that the whole story of Narnia was based on Christ. It could not be clearer! “Oops. Hooper said the remarks would have Liam Neeson as coming from a desire to appear “very multi-cultural.” Finally, if the actor did not want to offend anyone with this comment, he missed!


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