Saturday, December 16

Long Distance Relationships..does it Works?

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Long distance relationship. does it works? Love is in the air as what many people say. But, there are lovers who are far from each other and their means of communication is by a phone call or a text message, on the internet by means of chatting and sending e-mails. Some people would say that this will never work because of the distance that be the hindrance of a good working relationship. There are few who manage to keep up the relationship alive even though distance makes them find harder than a close distance relationship. I can say that having this kind of relationship is not really that very hard because both of you love each other. It is in you that makes the relationship work, not by the distance you have with each other. As long as you have trust in your partner and same as your partner have trust in you, no distance can break you apart. This is one essential reason why some relationship work even at great distances. You can still manage to be happy because of you have the perfect partner of your life. Not to mention, I am also one of these few people who have this kind of relationship. But as you can see, with my writing, I am very optimistic because there’s no reason for me to get sad or be alone in my room, crying. I will not do such a thing for that reason. If you really love each other no distance can hinder your relationship. Just do whatever that makes you happy and I guaranteed you that you everyday of your life will be a great day. 


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