Tuesday, December 12

Holiday Fashion

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Know where to go 
This is a big plus. Simply having an idea of where and how others will save time and wear a big headache. If you go to a Christmas party for the office, business casual is probably the best option. However, if only going to stay with his sister might be able to tone it down. If you are unsure, ask someone what the dress code will be. Note that “casual” means different things to different people. When told “casual” in a business, you should dress business casual, no jeans. Similarly, “formal” can mean black tie or just a jacket and tie, make sure to clarify if unsure. 

Avoid clothes that are very sexy 
Especially in a business, do not want to appear in revealing clothes. It is unprofessional and probably reflect poorly on you. This should also be realized if the party is to assist your spouse’s office. If you’re going out with her husband for a night on the town, sexy clothes are more appropriate. There’s a fine line between attractive and of poor quality, be sure not to cross that line and embarrass yourself. 

Should be simple 
The simpler you can keep your clothes better. Nine out of ten times, you will be better in a simple black dress pants trying to coordinate a blouse, and three other layers. Make it easy for you when possible. 

Too many sparks 
Many women use the holidays to take a lot of sparks and bright clothing. This is fine in moderation, but if you look like you are wrapped in tinsel, you should probably go with something else. 

Nothing can be as flattering as the right accessories. However, when used incorrectly can destroy a good thing. When you are choosing your jewelry, stay with subtle beauty – nothing big or flashy. While some people can make Santa Claus earrings, most of us can not. Specially in the more formal, the most conservative of jewelry should be. 

When it comes to your face, you also have to have is fine. Is sometimes dictated red lipstick and makeup more dramatic, however, you should be careful not to over-do it. dark red blush or almost never looks good.


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