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Identifying The Most Efficient Space Heaters

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When you’re looking for efficient electric heaters, you simply have to know how to spot them. Many people don’t think it’s possible to keep your house warm with space heaters, but if you use top rated heating options instead of cheap junk, it can work. In this guide, we’ll go over a few of the more important features, and explain why they matter.

A Strong Fan

The warmth your space heather puts out is directly related to the strength of the fan. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get a big space heater, but you want one that blows out with a stronger than average force. Even a very small space heater can keep an entire room warm if the fan is strong enough.

Rotation is a Key Feature in the Most Efficient Space Heaters

A good space heater needs to have the option for rotation. If the space heater doesn’t turn, you’re going to end up with hot and cold spots all over the room it’s in. Rotation is also a good indication that the space heater is an above average product in other ways.


The most efficient space heaters need to have a thermostat. This allows you to get warmth out of a space heater without wasting all your electric bill money. Thermostats also work a lot like rotation in the sense that they can be an indicator of an above average product.

Other Factors That Help Make Space Heaters Efficient

Even if you have the most efficient space heaters in the world, it doesn’t matter if you don’t use good heat conservation practices.There are several things you can do to help make your space heaters work much better for you.

For one thing, you should make sure that you only use the space heaters in the room you’re actually occupying. That means that when you leave a room, you need to turn off your space heaters and shut the doors so that the heat stays inside and you don’t waste electricity. You also need to remember that space heaters are generally more effective in less open houses. If your house has lots of open spaces and you can’t shut doors to close off certain areas, space heaters may not be a very efficient option. It’s also generally true that space heaters work best in a single person’s home. If you have a spouse and children, you’re going to have to use a lot of electricity to keep everybody warm with a space heater.


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