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Areas To Visit On Mediterranean Yacht Charters

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Options for the Mediterranean Yacht Charters 

Yacht Charters bareboat 

cards without working standard as it sounds. You are chartering the ship and nothing else. If you qualify, can the captain of the ship. You have to show proof of your browsing experience before allowing the master of a yacht. Most companies will take a short trip and has demonstrated his abilities. If you can not do this, you will not be able to take the boat without a crew. 

If you have no sailing experience, you need to hire a skipper. In most cases, the charter company and yacht broker can help find someone. In some cases, you can hire sailing courses, with an additional cost. unmanned trips do not include supplies or food. You have to buy before reaching the sea. 

Crewed Charters 

With a crewed yacht, you can usually have a larger yacht. The crew size varies according to the ship and the number of guests. You will have at least a captain and a cook. The chef prepares meals according to your tastes. The menu will be discussed before the cruise. 

Some people opt for this method because they are not qualified to navigate. Others may browse, but prefer to relax on a sailing vacation and do not have the responsibility of being the captain. You will have more time to relax in luxury or enjoy activities like water skiing or scuba diving with a team to take care of the boat. 


A flotilla is a group of ships sailing together. This is a great choice for the less experienced skippers. You master of his craft and gain experience in navigation. The leader of the fleet is on a yacht near offer guidance, assistance and support when needed. If this is your first time sailing on his own, a fleet is an excellent choice. An agent of the letter can put you in touch with a group and help you plan your trip. 

Areas to visit 

Once you have decided how you travel, you have to decide where to go on your cruise vacation. When sailing yacht in Greece, the company will help you set up your itinerary. The Ionian Sea offers seven islands Paxos, Antipaxos, Corfu, Ithaca, Lefkas, Zakynthos and Kafalonia. There is much to explore in this area extending 180 nautical miles north from the southern islands. 

The Ionian has good weather and excellent conditions of wind to sail smoothly. The islands offer beautiful beaches and lush vegetation. For evening, there is lively bustling port activity and night. His team will help you find activities that interest you and help you make the reservation. 

You may prefer to sail in the Aegean Sea. The Greek Cyclades Islands consist of fifteen islands in the Aegean. Its charter company will help you set an itinerary and deciding which islands to visit. The beautiful sailing waters of the Aegean great offer. The summers are cool and winters are mild. There is a nice mix of villages and countryside to visit on your trip. 

Choose a company from the Mediterranean Yacht Charters 

You can book your travel either through the company’s charter or through a broker’s letter. Broker fees are paid by the charter company. In any case, find a company that has been in business for ten years or more. Agents face cards in Europe, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. A good broker will be familiar with the charter companies and boats. Ask for references from people who have traveled with the company in the past.


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