Monday, December 18

The Lucky Seed

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One fine Saturday morning, Jill Berryson opened her kitchen blinds and was astonished to find an elderly lady standing in her garden, staring right back at her.  Jill opened the door and rushed out to have a closer look.  To her astonishment, the lady appeared to be planted in the ground and was perfectly relaxed.

     “W..who on earth are you?  And what are you doing buried from your legs down in my garden!?”

     The lady smiled.  In appearance, she appeared to be in her early seventies and wore a turfy black hat and a dark green matching Victorian style dress.  On her hands, she wore red mittens and she held a wicker-basket with some fruits inside.
     “Questions questions.  You really must learn to trust, Ms Jill Berryson.”  I don’t really have a name, but you can call me your fairy godmother.”   Jill retreated back a few steps momenarily, as she felt a chill run down her spine.  She wasn’t the kind of person who enjoyed mysteries or pranks of any kind.  The lady sensed this and smiled.

     “The seed!”  Retorted the woman.

     “I’m sorry?”  Replied Jill, startled and totally lost in confusion.

     “Yesterday morning, you threw a seed on the spot where I’m standing.”   For a moment there was silence and then, Jill burst out in a fit of hysterical laughter.

     “Hah hah hah hah haa.  Hah ha hah hah haa!”  “I’ve heard some really crazy explanations in the past, but this one kicks the bucket.  Well, don’t expect me to believe it.  You’re a liar.  Now, get out of my garden and leave my house.”  

     “That “lemon” seed you tossed in the garden, Jill; it was no ordinary seed.  It was the only one of its kind, known as the lucky seed;  I am that seed.  I grew overnight after the rainfall and now you can ask me for any wish you like.”

Jill coughed and thought for a moment.  It wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

     “How many wishes do I have?”


     “Isn’t that meant to be three?” 

     “Two wishes only.” 

     It took a few moments for Jill to decide and when she had, she could hardly contain herself.  The elderly lady sensed this and her face turned hard and pale.

     “Before you make your wish, I only ask that you be very very careful what you ask for.”

      “Yes, thank you for that, but I’ve made up my mind.  I wish…I wish that I all men find me irresistible.”

      The lady’s eyes gleamed and a yellow glow filled her eye balls then vanished.

     “It is done.”   Suddenly, before Jill could reply, the lady sunk into the ground from where she had sprouted and grown.  Jill could not believe her eyes and walked up to the spot and stared down.  She then gave a shrug and went indoors and stared in the mirror. 

     “I still look and feel the same.  I knew it.  That old lady was just pulling my leg…”  Suddenly, the doorbell rang.  Jill rushed to the door and opened it. 

     “Oh my God!!”  There in front of her was an endless queue of men holding red roses and gifts of all sorts.  They all began making their way in one by one.  The house was soon completely full of men who were making advances at her and throwing flowers at her in admiration, but after sometime, Jill began to get scared as it wasn’t ending.   She rushed out to the garden trying to retain her composure but the men all followed her wherever she went.  Jill reached the spot where the lucky seed was and closed her eyes, as if willing her fairy godmother to re-appear.

     “Oh please re-appear.  I’m really scared now.”  Suddenly, the ground stirred and before her eyes, Jill saw the elderly lady rising out the ground, fully erect.

     “Oh my God!!!”

 “Thank God!  Where were you!?”  The elderly lady gave a coy smile and replied,

     “Too many questions, Jill Berryson.  I know  exactly how your mind works and what you’re thinking.  When you asked for your first wish, I realsied you were going to regret it.”

     “Th..then why didn’t you stop me!?” 

     “I am here only to serve and nothing more.”

     The men were still around Jill, caressing her and throwing red rose  petals at her, from head to foot.  Some of them sang lullabies and love songs to praise her beauty.  Jill stared hard at the elderly lady.

     “This is not my second wish, but could you please make them all go away!!”  The elderly lady picked up a peach from her fruit basket and tossed it at her.

     “Eat it all.  It has the power to reverse the spell.”  And so, Jill took a bite and a few men vanished.  Likewise, the more she ate, the more men vanished. 

     “This is fun!”  She said.  The elderly lady peered at her and nodded her head slowly from left to right.

     “You still have not learnt from your mistake.  But I am helpless and have no choice but to ask you your second and final wish.”

     Jill thought hard and carefully.

     ”I wish…I wish I could fly like a bird high up in the sky, gliding over the seas.”

     Jill noticed the elderly lady’s eyes filled with tears and once again, there was a bright glow.  This time, the glow was red and then her eyes turned normal.

     “It is done.  Now, it is time for me to go.”  Before Jill could reply, the elderly lady sunk down into the earth once more.  Perhaps for the last time.  Jill wondered if she would ever see her again.  Just as Jill turned to head off inside and check what changes had occured, she suddenly felt herself lift upwards.  It’s as if there was no gravity.  Higher and higher she rose.

     “Whooo!!!”  “Look at me!  I’m just like a bird!”  She continued to rise higher and higher until she topped the clouds.  She felt a tinge of pain in her throat and suddenly lost her voice.  Instead of her voice, she was squaaking.  Her arms began to grow feathers and her feet turned into talons.  It was really cold up in the sky and it was then that she realised that she was trapped in the body of a bird for the rest of her life and this time, there was no turning back…

The End.


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