Friday, December 15

Does Bukisa Try to Indirectly Reduce Finding Some Phrases? Like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

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Does Bukisa try to indirectly reduce finding  some phrases?  Like don’t ask don’t tell?

Normally when you submit an essay on Bukisa, you can click on a button that says suggest, near the tags, section, it gives phrases you can click on to add to tags.  I wrote two articles on homosexuals in the military and it listed Don’t ask don’t tell as the choices of phrases in tags.  When I clicked on this phrase, Bukisa, would not post it but when I clicked on other phrases it would post them.  Today, I tested an article using that phrase only, and it would not put the phrase as an option at all.  Of course I could still type it in.  But why such a strange glitch twice with a specific phrase.  In the past medical journal article search engines have intentionally done some things to try to keep people from easily finding articles on abortion, so that people could not show how dangerous abortion is as easily through use of journal articles, they did not get rid of the articles, but made them more hard to find.  I just wonder if Bukisa is trying to do the same thing with Don’t ask Don’t tell articles, to make it harder to put that in as a search tag but not doing that directly so that they will not get caught.


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