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How to Use The Right Amount of Styling Product

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No matter how high-quality or expensive a styling product is, they will only be effective if you use them the right way.  The biggest part of this challenge is determining the proper amount of product to use.  Too little product, and you won’t be able to get the style that you want.  Too much product, and your hair will end up a sticky, greasy, oily, or crunchy mess.  The only way to find out just how much product you need is to start out with a small amount and gradually increase the amount of product until it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Hair texture, as well as hair length, is an important thing to take into consideration.  Those with short hair or fine hair will need to use less product than someone with long hair and thick hair.  Those with fine hair should also avoid heavier products and products that have a lot of oil in them, otherwise it will weigh down the hair.

When it comes to products lighter in weight, such as mousses and some styling creams, it’s no big deal if too much product is used.  For the average person, the proper amount of mousse will be about the size of a golf ball.  For most cream-based products, a nickel-sized amount should be enough to do the trick.

Heavier products, like waxes and pastes and pomades, require a very small amount in order to style the hair.  For most wax-based products, use just enough to cover the very tip of your index finger.  Remember that these types of products need to be emulsified by rubbing your hands together before you put them into the hair.

Medium-weight products, like most gels, are best used in moderate amounts.  For shorter hair, use a dime-sized amount.  For longer hair, you can use a nickel-sized amount.  

Finally, hair sprays are almost always a matter of preference.  The quality of the product will also determine how much to use.  Higher-quality products will require less because they are more concentrated.  Regardless of the amount of hair spray being used, best results are achieved when the can of spray is held an arm’s length away from the hair.

When products are used correctly and in the proper amounts, they will always perform better.  It may take a little bit of experimentation, but with a little practice you’ll be able to style your own hair nearly as well as a professional stylist.  


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