Tuesday, December 12

I Quote, Socrates

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Katherine Blue was on her way to her first blind date.  It had been arranged by courtesy of her friend, Denise Harriott.  The mystery man was awaiting her inside an Art museum and when she finally arrived outside it, she paused for a moment, straightened her scarlet dress and took a deep breath then made her way in.

      “I don’t know how I was ever talked into this, but if it all goes wrong, I’ll never take Denise’s advice again.”

     As Katherine made her way in, she looked around the museum.  The place seemed abandoned. 

     “Where on earth is everyone?”  She had come quite a long way.  It had taken her over an hour to reach here and she was adamant to get the suspense out of her system.  Katherine walked through the museum halls hoping to spot her blind date and then she suddenly stopped.

     “This is so silly.  I’m on a blind date so who am I searching for?  I  don’t even know how he looks!”

     Suddenly, she spotted an elderly gentleman peering at a bust of Socrates.  She decided to ask him.

     “Excuse me, but…” 

     “Isn’t it a beauty?”  He said, cutting her sentence.

     “I’m sorry?”  Replied Katherine, bewildered.

       “The artist has succeeded in capturing the soul of Socrates in this masterpiece.  Come closer and see for yourself.  Look how he has etched out the lines of wisdom on his forehead and cheek bones; and those eyes.  I have never seen such real eyes.  It’s as though the bust is a reflection of the very man himself!”

    Katherine coughed in embarrassment and looked around. 

     “Look, I was wondering if you could help me.  I’ve come here to meet someone on a blind date, but I can’t see anyone.”  The man, stared back at her and grinned, after which he took a bow.

“Oh, then you must be my blind date then, Ms Katherine Blue.”  He held her left hand and kissed it and then took a bow.  “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mr Plato Athenians, your blind date for this afternoon until late evening.”  Katherine’s eyes widened in surprise.

     “No!  It can’t be, I mean…”  He smiled and took her hand in to his and escorted her to the museum canteen.

     “Now, let me guess.  I think you prefer something light and with a lemon in it.  How about champagne?”

     Katherine nodded, managing an artificial smile.  Mr Plato snapped his fingers and the waitress took his order.

     “I’ll have a glass of white wine please.  Thank you.”  He then turned back to Katherine.

     “I’m a devout follower of Socrates, as you may have observed.  Socrates would rather have died an early death than to abandon philosophy.  I recall, and I quote his famous words that,One ought never to do wrong even in response to evil committed by another person.”

     “Well, er…Mr Plato, I think it’s getting late for me.  I…” 

Suddenly the waitress arrived with their drinks.  Mr Plato handed katherine her glass and raised his then did cheers, fishing it all down in one go.

     “Did you know that Socrates also said, and I quote again, that the state to us as a parent is to a child.”

     Mr Plato hiccuped.  He was clearly drunk.  Katherine stood up and stared down at Mr Plato who had a dopey smile on his face.

     “Mr Plato, I did not come down here just to listen to a lecture on Socrates.  I came here hoping to find a partner who I can have a nice time with; and before I leave, let me just quote something that your idol Socrates said, which definitely applies to you.  I quote,  ‘the second argument is that it is always wrong to break an agreement, and since continuing to live voluntarily in a state constitutes an agreement to obey it, it is wrong to disobey that state.’ “So there, huh!” 

   Katherine then splashed the glass of champagne over Mr Plato’s hair and left in a huff and that was the end of her first and last blind date.

The End.


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