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How to Increase Bedroom Storage

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Bedrooms serve as more than just a place for us to sleep; it is the room where we store most of our precious possessions and personal belongings.  Bedrooms are where we keep everything from jewelry and clothing to family photo albums, personal mementos, and other things that are close to our hearts.  However, bedrooms sometimes fall short on storage space.  Here are a few ways you can increase storage space in your bedroom.

1. Raise your bed.  There is a potential for about thirty square feet of storage space under the average bed.  However, if your bed sits too low to the ground, your ability to store items becomes greatly reduced.  Each foot of clearance space under the bed will give you an additional 30 cubic square feet of extra space.

2. Upgrade to taller bedroom furniture.  A chest with six drawers will be taller, but will not take up any more space than a chest of drawers with three drawers; however, you will be able to double your storage capacity.  In order to maximize space, look for furniture that is taller rather than longer and wider.

3. Put a closet door to good use with a shoe rack.  These racks attach to the backside of a closet door and can hold up to 15 pairs of shoes that otherwise would be taking up precious closet or floor space.

4. Store out of season clothing in the attic or another room.  Theoretically, if you keep only the clothes you are going to wear per season in your bedroom, you’ll be able to stash 3/4 of your wardrobe somewhere else.

5. Use unconventional spaces to hide your valuables.  One trick I’ve always used to make extra space, as well as to conceal valuable items, is extremely effective if your bedroom has a drop ceiling.  Simply push up on one of the ceiling tiles and stash your jewelry, paper money or important documents between the drop ceiling and the true ceiling.  If your bedroom is 200 square feet, you may have 200 square feet of additional storage directly overhead.  Not only will you be able to increase your storage space, but you’ll be protecting your valuables in case of a burglary or break-in.

As you can see, it is not difficult to increase storage space in your bedroom by making a few minor changes, and also by looking for unconventional places to store things.


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