Wednesday, December 13

How to Lose Weight Fast For Free

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During these somewhat slow economic times many of us cannot afford to go to a gym and pay hundreds of dollars a month or we cannot even afford to buy the right diet foods which all seem to be higher priced than the bad foods that make us gain weight. Even if we cannot afford a gym, some of us do not even have the money to invest in home exercise equipment like treadmills, steppers or bikes. For some of us it has gotten so bad that we cannot even afford to buy a cheaper dietary supplement or shake to assist us with our weight loss.

Simple steps to lose weight fast on a budget.

1. Use your own home as a gym

You can do a simple jumping jack interval workout in your house that requires very little space so even if you live in a 1 room shack you can lose weight doing this jumping jack interval workout. Follow these 3 simple steps on How to Lose weight fast with this simple 10-to-20 minute jumping jack interval workout…

  1. You do jumping jacks as fast as you can for 10-to-20 seconds at a time and then…

  2. You are going to completely stop, walk in place, jog, or do high knees for only 10 seconds and then…

  3. You are going to repeat steps number 1 and number 2 again over and over for 10-to-40 minutes.

Its many more home workouts you can do like running back and forth in your house or doing ski steps (a Nordic movement). You just have to be creative and realize that you can lose weight despite the fact you can’t afford a gym membership or any fancy exercise equipment.

2. Count calories

If you really cannot afford to keep up a decent diet then your first option needs to be that you really focus in and keep track of the number of calories you eat. If you can try to make sure your diet is composed of mostly weight loss foods like unprocessed carbs and leaner proteins. If you are able to keep eating mainly weight loss foods then you can probably get away with not focusing as much on counting calories since those higher quality weight loss foods will naturally help you burn fat but…

If all you are able to get is the less expensive bad foods like chips, cookies and other snack foods then you are really going to have to keep track of how many calories you are eating. Women need about 1200-to-1800 calories a day to lose weight while men need somewhere between 1500-to-2000 calories a day to lose weight fast.


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