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Compulsive Shopping

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What is compulsive shopping syndrome 

For many people, purchasing is limited to buying new clothes or home accessories, at certain times of year, but this concept has different meanings. Compulsive buying is as harmful as other forms of addiction. The result of compulsive buying becomes a major problem for both the passing and the family and friends. 

This syndrome is manifested by excessive purchases of control. Many of the items purchased are never used. Compulsive buying creates financial problems. The consequences of compulsive buying can be very similar to those caused by alcoholism or drug addiction. 

Although most may seem like a joke, compulsive shopping syndrome is a serious problem. Women are more affected by compulsive shopping syndrome. 

The causes of compulsive shopping syndrome 

Those who suffer from compulsive shopping syndrome purchase in excess of the need to feel good. In addition, the syndrome can be caused by factors such as stress during the holidays, no relationships, etc. 

Among the causes that lead to this syndrome may also include child poverty and the inability to cope with times of stress, depression, anger or loneliness. In addition, people who feel the need to have control or that require approval and appreciation of others may suffer from compulsive shopping syndrome. 

Symptoms of compulsive buying 

Those who suffer from compulsive shopping syndrome tend to spend large sums of money in periods of depression or stress, purchase items that are not always used and stored randomly throughout the house without removing the label. 

Most times people who suffer from compulsive shopping to lie about the money spent and the items purchased and borrow money to meet their needs and in extreme cases even resort to theft. 

How to prevent and treat compulsive shopping syndrome

– Payment. 
– Make a list of items you need to buy and stick to this list; 
– Stick to a letter; 
– Avoid discount stores; 
– When you feel the need to buy something, get some exercise. 
– Avoid the malls and shops on the Internet; 
– Do not go shopping by myself and make sure that the person who accompanies you do not suffer from compulsive shopping syndrome; 
– Keep a small amount of money in your wallet 
– Avoid places or people that invite you to spend money; 
– Find other ways to get over difficult moments 
– Occupy your time outdoors, with friends and family.


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