Friday, December 15

How I Recover Quickly From Fall/winter Colds

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Common colds, and even flus, are one of those things most people just EXPECT to occur once the fall and winter seasons begin. While our gut feelings are usually correct and we end up with colds, woudn’t you much rather trade the resulting week in bed to a couple of days?

The same cold and flu remedies can be found all over the internet. We’ve also been conditioned with a go-to “sick procedure” whenever ourselves or anyone we care about becomes sick. It’s always the same old “Lie down, get lots of bed rest, eat soup and crackers and drink lots of fluid,” right? While there is certainly nothing wrong with these things, I’ve found that they only allow me to feel somewhat comforted, and have little to do with my bodies healing process. I must rely on time and medication to actually become well again.

While the chicken soup is good, many people forget that the human body runs on nutrients that we get from food and water. When something is making you sick, your body could use extra TOOLS that will help it defeat whatever is making you sick, and get you back to normal.

-Fruits and superfruits: Whenever I come down with something, I don’t feel likee eating much. Instead of letting my sickly appetite take over, I remind myself that without the proper nutrients, my body will only take longer to heal itself. I eat a couple of fruits with my small meals (chicken soup and such), and I feel much better about what I’ve given my body to work with. An orange or apple with your meals can make a significant difference, and “superfruits” like blueberries are even better.

-Vegetables: Because they’re good for you of course!

– Emergen-C!: I add packets of these to 6 ounces or so of water whenever I’m feeling a cold come on. I find that they help give me a boost of energy and I actually feel better knowing that I’ve just given my body a bunch of vitamins and electrolytes right before I know I’m about to really need them!

So be sure to add these to your normal “sick diet” to give your body the tools it needs to fight off whatever you are dealing with. Another few tips:

– Don’t stay in bed ALL day….it will only allow you to soak in your misery!

– The whole “drink lots of fluids” is actually very good advice…It is especially helpful when you are congested. When I feel like I can’t breathe through or even blow my nose to make myself feel better because the congestion is so bad, I find that drinking a bunch of water is almost as good a reliever as a decongestant medicine, but  without the gross taste or potential drowsiness. The key is to keep it up and drink water or gatorade throughout the day, not just at meals.

– Also remember that cold and rain won’t make you sick…germs will. So…

– Wash your hands! A very very VERY effective way to not get sick!

Hope it helped!


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