Saturday, December 16

UK Students Smash Treasury, Supreme Court Buildings as Parliament Triples Tuition Fees

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Tens of thousands of angry students rampaged through the streets of London on Thursday, smashing windows of the Supreme Court, pelting police at the Treasury with rocks, and setting fire to a Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square after parliament voted to triple university tuition fees.

londonriot1 UK students smash Treasury, Supreme Court buildings as parliament triples tuition fees

> Students in London using chain-link fencing to batter police. AFP >

Even Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall received a taste of the protesters’ fury. Demonstrators attacked a car containing the couple, breaking a window and tossing paint on the car, before it was able to drive away, according to an Associated Press photographer.

The royal Rolls Royce reportedly had a window smashed and its read-end covered in white paint.

Nine policeman and 22 students were injured in scuffles, according to Sky News. One officer was pulled off his horse and trampled by the beast.

As lawmakers in the House of Commons approved the proposal to raise the cap on tuition fees to 9,000 pounds by a 323 to 302 vote, riot police outside clashed with protesters who threw flares, billiard balls and paint bombs.

The vote exposed deep tensions within the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition. Twenty-one of the 57 Liberal Democrat ministers in parliament voted against the proposal, with eight abstaining.


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