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Depression Treatment Based on Self-Help – Understanding Dreams And Their Healing Power

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The depression treatment offered by dream analysis according to the scientific method of dream interpretation is based on the unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams possesses undoubtable wisdom. It works like a natural doctor, sending us precious messages in the dream images. When we learn how to translate these images into words we can understand, we are able to understand the unconscious messages.

This is a treatment that could be characterized as self-help because you treat your depression yourself. However, you are not alone: you are helped by the unconscious wisdom. You only have to study the dream language for a short time and follow the guidance you receive in order to overcome your depression forever. Therefore, you are only partially solving your problems by yourself.

Your dreams reflect your mistakes. They basically work like warnings, trying to prevent you from doing what is provoking your depression. Their healing power is extraordinary. They give you many explanations and lessons, showing you what you have to do in order to solve all the problems that are torturing you.

You are suffering now because you made many mistakes in the past. You are also suffering because of the mistakes you are making today. Without understanding the meaning of your actions, you can only make many mistakes, and then, bear their bitter consequences. The unconscious wisdom will help you become more intelligent so that you may do only what will be beneficial to your life.

Many times you believe that you are doing what is good for you, but you are totally wrong. There are many things that you ignore, and you are constantly influenced by your anti-conscience; the wild side of your conscience. This is your primitive conscience, which keeps invading your human conscience with the intention to control your behavior.

The anti-conscience sends many absurd ideas to your human conscience. You cannot recognize their absurdity from the beginning because they seem to be logical ideas. You’ll understand their absurdity only if you’ll carefully analyze their intentions. However, you don’t pay attention to the various contradictory details contained in the ideas that invade your mind. You simply accept them without any criticism, especially when you have to solve difficult problems.

This is how the anti-conscience manages to destroy your human conscience, provoking many damages to your personality and life. At a certain point, your psyche complains with all the suffering it has to bear. This is why you are depressed today.

You cannot understand your mistakes. You blame other people for your suffering. You believe the situations of your life are responsible for the way you feel. However, the roots of all your problems are mainly inside you, and not in the outside world.

Your dreams will heal your wounds, helping you understand what is wrong with your behavior. They will also help you solve your daily problems, one by one. You’ll get rid of the anti-conscience’s influence, acquiring complete consciousness. Therefore, you’ll find happiness, and do only what will have a positive effect on your life.



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