Thursday, December 14

How to be Motivated Throughout The Day

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How to keep motivated throughout the day. This is a question many people wonder. What motivates them to keep going? I’ve asked many people this question, “What motivates you throughout the day, to keep you going?” It was amazing the responses I got from these different people. Everybody has a different motivation that keeps them going.

Here are a few different responses I got. Cherry, who works as a receptionist, answered, “There’s a really cute guy who works in my office, and he comes up to me often and talks with me. He keeps me going and always makes me smile. When I go home, I always look forward to going back to work the next day because I know I’ll see him.” Mark, who is a manager at a grocery store, answered, “My wife cooks the best meals ever. I leave in the morning, with a hug and kiss from her and return at night with an amazing dinner on the table and loving arms that welcome me home. That keeps me going every day, knowing my wife at home is excited to see me and cooking food for me.” Linda, who works as a nurse, answered, “I love working with all the different patients. I find a joy in helping others. Knowing that I’m helping them, and making them feel better motivates me to keep going. I love my job.” Karen, who is a stay at home mom, answered “I have a husband and 2 kids, ages 1 and 3, they keep me going. Every day there’s always something new, like a new adventure with these kids. And knowing that at night time, I get to see my husband when he comes home from work, that keeps me going and I look forward to seeing him. I admit, sometimes it’s exhausting keeping up with my munchkins, but they are a joy and I absolutely love my husband. My family keeps me going.”

Everyone has different motivations that keep them going throughout the day, from seeing cute people at work, coming home to loving arms and dinner, helping others, and having a loving family. What keeps you motivated throughout the day? You need to find that one thing that will make your day go fast and keep you motivated.  It can be simple things or big things. Just find something you like and look forward to it.

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