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Pet Food Knowledge

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Dog food ranges is price and there are many nourishing choices to choose from.  Dry dog food is a very good choice for your pet.  Dry dog food is usually economically priced, and is good for your dog’s teeth also.  The chewing action helps reduce tartar on your pet’s teeth.  Dry pet food helps proper development of puppies and dog’s jaws.  Talk to your veterinarian about their advice for the best dry pet food to choose for your pet.

Another benefit of dry pet food is the ability to store it easily and its shelf life.  Dry pet food is created by a machine called an extruder. The mixture of dough and other measured ingredients is put together and inserted into the extruder where it comes out into precut sizes and shapes. After the food drys, fat is sprayed on it with other flavors to enhance the taste of the food.   It is packaged and put on the shelves where consumers purchase the pet food in huge numbers.  Dry food that is not produced through the extrusion method, is baked at 500 degrees.  The advantage of baked pet food is that fat and other flavorings is not sprayed on it, because the food is naturally tastier, due to its crunchiness.

Some dog food is designed for the active pet, and some are made to help with specific health needs.  Some people are loyal to certain manufacturers. There are many types of dog food to choose from and it is a good idea to educate yourself about the products that exist.

Semi moist food is another alternative to feed your pet.  This food looks more appealing to the consumer, although it has chemicals, preservatives, and additives and food coloring.  Canned or wet food is different from semi moist food. Wet food is an excellent choice for dogs and cats who are having difficulty chewing due to loss of teeth or other issues they may have. Wet food puts more pounds on your pet.  So if your pet needs to gain weight, canned food is an excellent choice. However, if your dog or cat  is overweight, you may want to avoid this type of pet food. Wet food is a good choice when your pet is having digestion issues.  Wet food is also made by an extruding machine, but before it dries, it is cooked and canned immediately for freshness. The food is put through a process of sterilization at the manufacturer and has more protein than other types of pet food. Canned food has moisture is makes it particularly good for cats to consume.  You will find wet food packaged in pouches and cans. 

The by products ingredients you often see on pet food is made from the leftover products not deemed qualifiable for people food.  The poultry, fish, and meat used consists of a wide range of nutritional value.  Cereal grains and starchy vegetables make up a large part of dry pet foods.  These products are high in carbs and calories, are usually included as fillers and to enhance the texture of the pet food. These products add very little nutritional value and do not enhance the quality of the food for your pets. Corn gluten is used in the majority of petfood to add “protein” in place of more costly animal based protein.  It is important to be aware of the amount of vegetable proteins in the pet foods so that your pet achieves the maximum nutritional value from his/her diet.

Among other choices you have for your pets diet are the natural and organic pet foods.  These products do not use by products. Usually the meat, poultry, and fish are the first ingredients listed, which adds to the quality of the food your dog and cat will be consuming.   These pet foods have better standards and qualifications for their products. These products avoid artificial ingredients and food coloring.  They have additional vitamins and minerals which are good for your pet. Especially look for products that have added antioxidants.  The combination of quality and higher standards for ingredients help make the food easier for your dog and cat to digest.  The added nutritional value make these premium pet foods worth buying for your pet.    

Low carbohydrate dog and food is pet food made from starchy vegetables such as potatoes and green peas. If your pet is allergic to grains, this type of food may help.  Generally, dry, low carb pet food gives no benefits to a pet’s diet.  In order to be tasty, these foods are high in fat and may cause your pet to gain weight.  Canned varieties are often used for diabetic cats as a prevention and treatment program.

 An education about feeding your pet is worthwhile to know. Your loyal friend will return the love you give them right back to you. Look for more of my articles about pet knowledge. 


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