Friday, December 15

Use Facebook And Start Making Money From Home

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 But you know what’s more shocking than meeting someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account? It’s meeting someone who has been using Facebook for months and doesn’t know that s/he can gain profits and earn bucks through this social networking site. Well, if you are guilty of this or you’re just someone who knows that there’s profit but is just wondering how to get started, here’s some tips and tricks for you to make money from home using Facebook.

Sell products. You can take a picture of products at hand and tag your friends. To persuade your friends on why they should be buying products from you, you can also put descriptions of the said products. This way, you can be sure that your friends will be able to see what you sell and have the basic information on how to order. Plus, because of the newsfeed feature of Facebook, it’s not only your friends can view the items you are selling, but also the friends of your friends. It’s easier for you to communicate with people who are planning to buy from you since Facebook is a social networking site.

Link your affiliate or blog link. If it’s difficult for you to gain more views for your blog(business blog), then you can link your blog to your Facebook account . It automatically appears in the newsfeed and your profile, every time you update your blog. Check if your blog has this feature; if not, you can manually embed your link to your wall or even your friends’ walls. This could also do this with your affiliate links.

Utilize Facebook Apps. Some applications on Facebook enable you to earn money instead of using them for games and quizzes. Try checking Sharecash or Cloudcrowd; by doing various simple tasks like taking surveys and completing offers these applications let you earn money. However, don’t expect to get rich from this since they don’t really offer much. You should consider this, if you want to earn extra money while ding nothing but chatting with your friends.

Advertize through Facebook. Advertising is the most effective way, if you are really serious about making money through Facebook. Once you advertize on Facebook, it will target specific audiences that are relevant to the products you are advertising. For example, if a person puts “tennis” as one of his hobbies and interests in his profile, then some of the advertisements that he can see in the advertisements tab are all about tennis. In order to advertise in Facebook, you must be willing to spend a few dollars; which is why it is only for serious advertisers who are willing to invest for their marketing.


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