Wednesday, December 13

How And Why To Back Up Your Computer

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We use them for entertainment, for information, and to help us live our lives. It makes sense, then, that backing up this important data on our computers is becoming more and more necessary. Here I’ll discuss the importance of routine computer backups, and give you a couple of popular methods that people use to do this.

First of all, imagine all the important data that is on your computer. Many people keep very important financial information on their computer that would put them in severe danger if it were lost. Others store important digital photos on their computer, and would be devastated if they were all lost. Still others have spent much time and effort creating video projects, that only exist on their hard drive. No matter what you have stored on your own hard drive, it is most definitely worth protecting.

A second reason that you need to back your hard drive consistently is that there is a real danger of something happening. Sure, you don’t want your system to crash, and erase everything, but sadly, it does happen. The market place is filled with software and hardware designed to recover lost data. This is an indication of the real danger that exists.

So hopefully you are convinced that a regular computer backup is something that you should be doing on a regular basis. The question now is how do you go about doing that? The easiest solution is to buy an external hard drive. These are relatively inexpensive, and provide a simple solution. Many times you can get an external hard drive that is double or even triple the size of your internal hard drive. These can easily be set up to back up your data at intervals you select. That can provide a quick recovery should anything happen.

Another option is to sign up with an online backup service. These will back up your data just as consistently as with an external hard drive. The only difference is that you will be uploading your data to a server somewhere. The two main drawbacks of this method is that it requires a monthly fee, and you aren’t in complete control of your data. If you need it in a pinch, you’ll need to find a relatively quick Internet connection, or you’ll be out of luck.


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