Friday, December 15

Is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President?

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Sarah Palin is over 35 and a citizen, so she appears to be qualified for the highest office in the land. But wait a minute. Is she really a citizen? Was she born in this country? Where is her birth certificate? A certified copy is not acceptable. She must produce the original. She talks like an American, but she may have just studied and learned to do that. On second thought, there is no chance of that. Although she sometimes seems to be disconnected from reality, she has never studied anything in her life, so her appearance of being American probably represents reality.

Seriously, this person may be legally qualified, but she has none of the other attributes necessary for the Oval Office. We just had eight years of a chief executive who knew nothing about anything and was not interested in learning. He made a terrible mess of nearly everything he touched. One odd exception is support for alleviating AIDS in Africa. That part of his agenda seems to have been a huge success. The rest of what he did, foreign and domestic, ranged from incompetent to disastrous.

Ms. Palin seems to have the same lack of interest in the reality of the world around her that caused Bush to go wrong so many times. She claimed to be knowledgeable about foreign affairs because she is from Alaska and you can see Russia from there. Actually, you can see Russia from Alaska, but not from where she lives. Claiming that gives her specific knowledge about the country is like asserting expertise on Mexico because you went to Laredo once.

She was vocal about “death panels” provided for in the legislation to reform health care. There was no such provision. Either she knew that and continued to bring up the subject anyway, which would demonstrate dishonesty, or she did not know what she was talking about. In either case, it demonstrates a lack of interest in being truthful. Her management experience is limited. Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska is not a terribly demanding job. She was governor of Alaska, but she quit.

She does not appear to have any sense of responsibility. Her election campaign with John McCain seems to have been viewed from her perspective as the opportunity to get a lot of new clothes—expensive clothes that were paid for by the campaign. She would like to be President because she likes the idea, not because of anything in particular she wants to do in terms of leading the country. She would be a total disaster for the country.  


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