Monday, December 18

Breakfast in The Philippines

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Here is a list of different breakfast combinations in the Philippines:

SILOG Combos (served usually with plain rice, garlic rice, or pan de sal bread and Eggs served either sunny side up or scrambled)

TAPSILOG – Tapa (beef sirloin) Egg

TOCILOG – Tocino or cured pork belly with Egg

CHICKSILOG – Fried Chicken with Egg

LONGSILOG – Longanisa (skinless chorizo like sausage that has a distinct sweet taste) with Egg

BANGSILOG – Fried Bangus or Milkfish with Egg

RIBSILOG – Fried pork short ribs with Egg

HOTSILOG – Hotdog with Egg

CHOSILOG – Chorizo Sausage with a choice of Jamonado (sweet) or Recado(salty)  with Egg

DANGSILOG-  Salted Dried Squid with Egg

TUYOSILOG – Salted Dried Fish with Egg

ADSILOG – Adobo (Filipino national dish, choice of chicken or pork or combination of the two) with Egg

SISIGSILOG – Sisig a popular Filipino dish made from parts of pigs head and liver seasoned with kalamansi , chilli peppers, and soy sauce.


Mami – is a noodle based dish with a light broth of chicken or beef

Batchoy –  noodle based soup with a broth of pork organs, crushed pork cracklings, shrimp paste, chicken stock, chicken breast, and beef loin.

Lomi – Thick egg noodle soup with chicken broth

Arroz Caldo /Goto – Rice Pouridge Soup with chicken and egg or with tripe

Other dishes

Champorado – Chocolate rice pouridge

Suman – glutenous rice similar to sticky rice of thailand served with muscovado sugar and  an option of chocolate syrup (there are many versions of suman all over the Philippines)

Ensaymada – sweet bread topped with cheese


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