Friday, December 15

The Cutest And Funny Kids Reporters

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There’s a lot of cool kids that are starting making real news in some channels but these three aren’t any of them. They are just cute kids that were filmed making interviews and did a great job. I enjoyed all of them and they made my day!

Andrew W.K. interview by World’s youngest reporter

The world’s youngest reporter talks to Andrew W.K. about his Cartoon Network .
This is a great interview! The kid is really cute doing something that he seems passionate about and asking good questions. And Andrew W.K. is such an awesome person! He treated the boy with so much respect and going in-depth with him! I just watched the whole video with a smile on my face and I became in love with Andrew for being so genuine and caring.


Blackhawks Junior Reporter

Joey interviewed several Chicago Blackhawks players before Thanksgiving, well dressed in a shirt and tie. He’s incredibly cute and funny and knows every Blackhawks player by his number! He wanted to know who was the biggest turkey on the team and how much money Duncan Keith has received from the tooth fairy! But the best part, for me, is when he tells that he is five and has been a fan for six years!


Kid Becomes Reporter For A Day (CBS News)

This last video is about a 4-year-old kid that wanted for Christmas a “News On 6″ suit. He got exactly what he wanted and more, because Rick Wells, from the News On 6’s, after hearing about the suit, invited him for a visit to the station. During the station tour, Brody demonstrated his weather skills when he forecast “Summer after the snow.  Then it will be cold as Christmas”!



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