Friday, December 15

Graduate Recruitment – The Smart Option For Employers

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A lot of the reasons given by employers for mot investing in graduate recruitment for their business may not be fully justified and may be irrelevant when you consider the positive sides to graduate recruitment.

One reason given for not choosing this channel to find new employees is that a graduate may not have the experience deemed necessary for the job role. This may be true in a lot of cases but should not be the be-all and end-all for the job role. Another reason given is that a graduate may be ‘over qualified’. This may also be true but if the job role is interesting and challenging it may not be valid factor in choosing not to recruit a graduate.

Employing somebody with experience is considered to be vital to a lot of employers but by employing a graduate you will not only have a new employee who is intelligent and keen to learn and impress, graduate recruitment means you are effectively working with a blank canvas and are able to mould and teach them exactly as you wish instead of them having their own opinions and possible bad habits. Being over qualified should not be a consideration either, if the working environment is pleasant and the work enjoyable then this goes a long way towards securing long term loyalty from your employees.

Graduate recruitment also means that you are gaining a new employee that is likely to be intelligent and a quick learner who can use their own initiative, prioritise their own workload and will have highly developed written and verbal communication skills, all developed through their university studies.


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