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Holidays in Spain

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Christmas is just around the corner and it is not only an excuse to go away from your regular life, work routine but also from family and friends. Enjoying the vacation at totally new place amongst total strangers can be very adventurous and fun experience.

Spain celebrates Christmas with great entertaining spirit of festivities and enthusiasm. Before you make the decision on going to Spain for Christmas, you might want to ask yourself that do you want to go to the beaches at Spain on Christmas time or would you like to celebrate the Christmas by following the traditions and events happening on Spain’s streets? It is always a good idea to have certain plans before you go for the visit to the abroad. Particularly, there are many things that you can enjoy at Spain.

Christmas at Beach

You can go either to the Las Catedrales, Lugo or El Hierro, Canary Islands. These places have wonderful coastlines, mountains, and beaches to offer. There are many fun activities to take advantage, such as swimming, surfing, paragliding, hiking, scuba diving, and biking at Spain. These are the places where you might be able to find some total strangers who also might be sharing similar interests and hobbies just like you. If you are going with your family and friends, then also you can enjoy these activities.

Christmas with Traditions and Fun Events

There are so many different exciting events takes place from 21st December to January 5th. But, if you are planning to spend fun time with total strangers then you can surely skip on some of the family events. On 21st December, in some of the Spain’s cities people do “Hogueras.” It is actually a bonfire and what basically people do is hop around the bonfire, so that it protects them from any illness. Experiencing this event would surely get you started with the holiday spirit. As here in United States, 24th December is known as Christmas Eve and 25th December is of course Christmas day. What you can do is go to some of the well known Spain restaurants for the traditional meal that people in Spain enjoy on Christmas. These traditional recipes are made from turkey, seafood, or lamb and the desserts like Marzipan or Turron are just heavenly. 

On 28th December, they celebrate the “Day of the Innocents Saints.” On this particular day, everyone engages in tricking others or doing fun sort of mischief. It is similar to April Fool’s Day that we celebrate here. This fun activity would surely help breaking the ice with any stranger. After all these festivities, there comes the 31st December, New Year’s Eve. This would be a fun night to celebrate first of all with the company of twelve grapes as well as the company of locals. One of the traditions that Spain people believe that if you eat each grape when the clock beats with each bell, then that would turn out to be the lucky year for you. Now, what can you ask for more!

Another thing that you can do is to go to either to the cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and hang out around the towers, town halls, cafes, pubs, or squares. Especially, in Madrid, people go to Puerta Del Sol Square for the countdown. Over here, you will be able to meet up and welcome the New Year with not only the company of Cava, the champagne but also the company of many fun people around you. This Spain vacation would be totally full of fun, new friends, and tons of fiestas.

You can make Spain travel plans ahead of time. You can go on your own and find Spain holiday deals. You can book hotels in Spain, resorts in Spain, or villas in Spain. If you go alone, make sure you have map of the Spain and guide to tourist attraction spots in Spain. If you are not comfortable going on your own, you can book Spain vacation package with Spain tourism. Have fun during the holidays!


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