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Autism is also known as Asperger Syndrome , which is a developmental disorder characterized by an inability to understand how to mingle or interact with socially, apart from that it has the peculiar things like clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements , never liked to mingle with social activity with extreme egocentricity, and has limited interest.  Apart from that it has speech and languages peculiarities and communication problems.  However in common majority of the autism patients like kids or adults may have facial expression apart from anger or misery.  Some of the autism patients would have great skills and interest in music, and having excellent memory capacity and has more interested in one or two subjects.  They used to love to talk on a favorite subject in lengthy and repeat a word many more times.  This autism would have happened in the age of 3 or more, and depends on the individual condition.  As you have been known that we used to called as autism that “ A developmental brain disorder and was happened by impaired social interaction and communication . 

There is no more specific treatment or cure for the autism but again the treatment which is symptomatic or rehabilitational , and may include psychosocial and psychopharmacological or psychotherapy.  Apart from that we need to give some particular training to autism patients like social skills training, educational interventions, educational training, and behavioral modification.  Again most of the medical professional would have recommended some special kind of medication like psychostimulants, beta blockers, neuroleptics, and tricyclic antidepressants .

Children with autism may have excellent outlook and never think about developmental disorder, and much more likely to grow up to be independently adults.  This individual will like to act independently and have liked to demonstrate , but again the risk for development of psychosis and mood problems like depression and anxiety would be happened in later years.  So personal training is one of the major area where we can find the good result or even the cure and need to find the ways or to treat the autism .


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