Thursday, December 14

All in All, You Always Bring Out The Best in Me

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Ray Burton was with his best friend, Henrietta Curtis on board a Love Boat for two.  Both were in their mid-thirties and were enjoying what could best be described as a romantic excursion into dreamland. 

   “Ray, I can’t believe it, we’re on our way to Dream Land!”  Ray smiled and poured  some pink Guava juice into two glasses from a carton.  He handed her one and they both chinked glasses.

     “You know, Henrietta, alot of people spend most of their time planning to go out ’some day’ but sadly never get a chance.  We’re very fortunate to have been given this opportunity.”  Henrietta smiled back, nodding in agreement.

     “Mmm.  The advert in the magazine read, ‘Beyond the pacific sea, there is a place where all soul mates get together.  This place can be your dream land too and you responded to it right away.”

     “It’s the least I could do for my best friend.  You know how that old saying goes; ‘friends are flowers in the garden oflife.”  Henrietta caressed Ray on his right cheek with her left hand.  Their eyes met intimately and they stood gazing at one another for what seemed eternity.  It was a beautiful feeling which was interrupted when Ray’s glass fell and shattered on the ground. 

       “Oh Ray, mind your step.”  He moved to one side and Henrietta knelt down to pick the pieces. 

       “Here, let me help.”  Ray knelt down to help and once again, their eyes met in a moment of ecstasy.

       “Henrietta, words are not enough.  There’s something I’m feeling inside for you.  Are you feeling the same as me?”  She nodded and her eyes looked down, in embarrassment.

     The Love Boat was being driven by an old sea dog, Mike Bulltree, who was in his late sixties but appeared alot older.  Since their venture began, two days ago, he had not interrupted them once.  That was the policy for any couple travelling to Dream Land.  There would be no interruption.  Ray went up to a piano in the side of the room and sat down to play it.   Not only that, he began to sing a romantic song he composed himself.

“My dear friend, Henrietta, there’s something I always wanted to tell you.  But somehow the words could not form on my lips, so hear my song for you tonight, my love, for my love for you is true.” Henrietta’s eyes filled with tears of joy and she ran upto Ray and gave him a tight hug.”  

      “Oh Ray,  I wish every man was like you.  You let out relationship develop so naturally in its own time.  First we were mere acquaintances, then we were were friends and now…”  She bowed her head down in embarrassment.  Ray held both her arms and whispered.

       ”If the words do not form on your lips, then sing it to me, my love.”  He moved aside and Henrietta sat on the chair and played a song she had made up for Ray.  She sang out her reply in a high pitched lullaby.

      ”You came into my life, like a nightingale on a tree and now you have build a love nest inside me heart.  Oh, how can I refuse my love.”    Ray smiled and they both sang together.

      “All in all, you always bring out the best in me, so let us spend our entire lives together, happy and completely free.”   After this, they both hugged and kissed.  Just then, the ship came to a halt and for the first time, an announcement sounded from Mike Bulltree.

     “This is your driver speaking.   I have pleasure in telling you that we have now reached our destination.  Please take all your belongings with you.  May I take this opportunity in wishing you both a very happy and enjoyable life together in Dream Land.  Good day.”

     Ray and Henrietta were about to unpack when suddenly Ray had an idea.

     “Let’s live here, Henrietta.  We can leave all our belongings here.”  Henrietta’s eyes filled with surprise.

      “B…but Ray, what about our life back at home?”

       “There was no life, Henrietta.  Just the same routine lifestyle.  We were both so far apart from one another, but here in Dreamland, we will spend our entire life together.  Are you with me?”

      “Well, let’s take a look at it first.”  And so, the two of them stepped up on board and to their surprise, they could not believe the sight before them.  There was a beautifulisland full of exotic fruits, coconut trees and beautiful animals like giraffes, zebra and deer that strolled around freely.  This was their paradise.  Ray looked at Henrietta as she ran up to a fawn and lifted it in her arms delicately, kissing its forehead.

       “So, what’s your decision?”  He asked.

        “We’re going to stay here FOREVER!”   And the two of them got off on Dream Land and waved to Mike Bulltree as the ship moved away, leaving the couple all alone. 

       In the year that followed, Ray and Henrietta became parents and their children, Tom and Sarah, grew up in a very simple, loving and harmonious atmosphere where they were surrounded by animals, plants and birds.

Just the Beginning…


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