Thursday, December 14

Tampa Bay Rays OF Carl Crawford Signs With The Boston Red Sox For Twenty Million Dollars A Year

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Carl Crawford left the Tamps Bay Rays for free agency, he signed with the Boston Red Sox. The Boston Red Sox gave Carl Crawford 142 million dollars for seven years. The Tampa Bay Rays had no chance to sign Carl Crawford for that kind of money. Many people in the Tampa Bay areas will not look at Carl Crawford as a traitor. Rumor has it that he signed with the Boston Red Sox because they are in the American League Eastern division. This way Carl Crawford can rub salt in the Tampa Bay Rays fans wounds for the next seven years.

Free agency may eventually be the end to many of the small market Major League baseball teams. Once a player reaches free agency, they sign a contract with the highest bidder. This is the right of the player, but it is detrimental to the game of baseball. The Tampa Bay Rays will likely have a sub fifty million a year budget for 2011. Carl Crawford will make 20 million with the Boston Red Sox, Carlos Pena will make 10 million dollars with the Chicago Cubs and who knows what Soriano will make with his free agency contract.

Free agency hurts the fans of the small market baseball teams because they do not have enough money to keep the best players on their teams. Carl Crawford began his career in Tampa Bay Rays in 2002. He played on the team for nine seasons and became a free agent at the end of the 2010 season. The fans in Tampa Bay knew it was the last year they would see Carl Crawford in a Ray’s uniform. The economy was horrible in FL because of the oil spill, the housing market and unemployment. The Rays fans came to as many games they could, but it was not enough. The fans bought jerseys, tee-shirts and hats with their favorite players name on them. Carl Crawford was one of the Rays favorite players. Now, the Tampa Bay Rays fans lose their favorite son to the Boston Red Sox. This was one of the worst places Carl Crawford could have gone. He nearly chose the Yankees, but the Red Sox got to Carl first.

Yes, the players deserve to share in the revenue with the owners. Yes, the players deserve to get paid. However, to get paid 20 million dollars a year is unfair to the small market Major League Baseball teams. This is why there really needs to be changes in Major League baseball. The economy is too bad for the fans to go to every game, but good enough for a player to sign a multi-twenty million dollar contract for an opposing just to rub it in the fans faces. Is it just me or is there something wrong with the way we look at sports. The Tampa Bay Rays fans wish Carl Crawford luck in Boston, even though he left a sour taste in all of their mouths.


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