Tuesday, December 12

Learn English In Beautiful Cape Town, South Africa

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There’s no escaping the fact that learning to communicate in English is almost imperative in the modern world today. English IS, for better or worse, the international business language. For young school-leavers in countries where it is not the first language, studying English is often a major step towards becoming employed – either in their own countries in companies that work online with international clientele, or abroad if they wish to travel and work globally.

It isn’t difficult to figure out why.

If you have to learn a new language, why not make the experience more exciting by traveling somewhere new? And Cape Town is a young person’s dream destination.

With glistening beaches and awe-inspiring mountains, Cape Town nestles at the foot of the famous landmark, Table Mountain. This is really one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

In between hitting the books you can explore the whole city and the surrounding regions with the new friends you’ll make from all over the world – your class mates!

There are great shops, plenty of fun and funky restaurants, cafes and bars, and a thumping nightlife.

You will enjoy wandering around the city streets, experiencing a true African city yet always able to access the latest fashion, movies and entertainment.

The multicultural society makes Cape Town a unique place, and we guarantee it will steal your heart!

Due to the ever increasing demand of foreign English Language students, more and more
Language Schools have opened up in and around the city. It is wise to compare the costs and the quality of the various institutes to make sure you’re getting the right course for your requirements. For the most part the quality of both lecturers and facilities in the various Language Schools in Cape Town is exceptional. You should have fully equipped classrooms, breakaway areas for socializing, Internet access for staying in touch with home, and assistance with accommodation and transport.

So come to Cape Town and combine the holiday of a life-time with learning to communicate in the language that will help you get your career off to a great start!


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