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Feel The Difference of Your Maximized Charm

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A to B or B to C. Would you go for it or would you remain contented with the old and dull first? Not anymore, Breast implants before and after visibility is now seen thoroughly and effectively.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Enhancement is a way to enlarge the size of women breasts. It is done through implanting silicon behind the breast’s tissue done through a surgical operation. Performed by the best surgeons in town who are experts in the field of breast augmentation done in a hospital with state-of-the-art facilities, improvement on the size of your breasts can now be noticed and appreciated. But before it can be done the patient must pass certain age requirement and the required health status. Pregnant women aren’t allowed to undergo such operation.

Before undergoing breast implant operations, there must be regular consultation between the doctor and the patient to know if this patient passed the required standards. We have the BHMGs Board Certificate Surgeon who will evaluate your pre-existing health conditions which will verify that you qualify for the operation and won’t do any risks to your health. A mammogram of your breast will be taken six months before and photos to have a visual record of your breast implants before and after the operation will be captured.

After the procedure is done to you, you will be provided surgical bra for your chest that is necessary to give you security and support. There must also be someone who will assist you and will take care of you for the next 24 hours. You can only return to your ordinary day-to-day activities only after 2-4 days of operation. You can do some exercises and other physical workout only after the first week. But other strenuous activities should be avoided especially lifting heavy objects after three to four weeks of operation. You are advised to wear a special kind of bra that will make sure your breasts won’t be stressed. After the surgery, your breasts might appear swollen but it would go back to its new and improved appearance after all the necessary procedures are carefully considered and followed.

You must also have your breast implants before and after medical checkup records, so that you will be guarded in few cases of deformity. Please note that Health Insurance doesn’t cover Breast Augmentation so everything must be done accordingly to avoid risks of your body’s adverse reactions such as infection, bleeding, and capsular contraction and such as those.

Isn’t it very good to feel and see the difference of your enhanced asset without any side effect?


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