Friday, December 15

Exercise More Harm Than Good?

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Everyone says that when you exercise you burn off calories and makes your body healthier but what if it doesn’t make you body healthier and creates a negative impact on your body.
When you exercise you are far more likely to eat something that you wouldn’t of eaten if you didn’t exercise, wither you eat as a reward of exercising or just eat because you become hungry.

Everyday you burn calories doing day to day things (like walking down the street for example) if you exercise you are more likely to want to be active, if you exercise for 30 minutes in the morning you are more likely to want to catch a bus/cab to work or school than just walking there.
This means that you are going to be more lazy during non exercising hours.

Although a lot of people say that exercising is the only way to really lose weight what really matters is what you eat a.k.a. your diet. A healthy diet should have about 1500 calories a day and should have all the nutrients that your body needs. However exercise should not be totally dismissed as it can help with losing calories but you can’t rely on exercising just by itself.

The best way to lose weight is to just eat want you need and to exercise (doesn’t have to be long, only 10 minutes if you want to), if you stick to that then you will lose weight or at the very least neither gain or lose weight.

The problem today is that most people are too worried about calories than just having a perfectly normal fit and healthy body, as there is just a constant battle between calories in and calories out.

If you play a bit of football with your mates, you are likely to get together and order a few pizza’s and drink a couple of beers and before you know it not only have eaten more calories than you burned playing football but you have also eaten way more than your metabolism (how much calories your body burns in a day).


Don’t focus on exercising to lose weight but instead try and make your diet more healthier than it is and when the moment presents itself to lose a couple more calories then take it (walking instead of driving).

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