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Types of Dreams

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Day Dreams.

Day dreaming is when you let your imagination carry away with you and you became lost in deep thought and fantasy. The more you day dream, the more you let your guard down and you become less and less aware of others around you. On average you tend to dream 70 – 120 minutes.

False Awakening Dreams.

This is basically when you think you wake up and you go about your routine and then you really wake up and realize that it was just a dream.

Lucid Dreams.

These dreams are rare and can be a very rewarding experience. This is when you are dreaming and without waking up you realize that it is a dream, when this happens you can control and shift your dreams, some claim to be able to communicate with their subconscious.


Nightmares are when you get really terrible and horrific dreams and when you wake up you get this feeling of being frightened and sometimes anxious. Nightmares might be caused because of real life trauma. Another reason why you have nightmares is because you ignore a life situation and your subconscious wants you to face up to them and confront your fears.

Recurring Dreams.

Recurring dreams are dreams that repeat themselves again and again and they have very little change if any. They are often caused because there is a problem in your dream or in your real life and the dreams won’t go away until you have solved the problem.

Epic Dreams.

Epic dreams are so huge, so intense and so vivid that you will find them really hard to forget, even after a couple of years. These dreams are very often filled with such magnificence and beauty. When you wake up from these dreams you get such a good feeling, like you have discovered something or when it feels like nothing can go wrong.

Progressive Dreams.

Progressive dreams are dreams that continue from where you left off the other night, these dreams are very often problem solving dreams.

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