Friday, December 15

China Forges Ahead of India in Rail Development by Unveiling The Worlds Fastest Train

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World's fastest train revealedChina and India are rivals in Asia and people always compare how India fares in comparison to China. Rail is one field where India is at least a generation behind China. The fastest Indian train barely touches 150 km an hour. Contrast thius with the train unvield in Beijing, which is capable of touching speeds of 486 km an hour. The train named the CRH 380A  is a new generation train which is designed to operate at a cruising speed of 380 km an hour. Compared to these trains, the Indian Shatabadi express seems like a snail.

The Chinese train is a 16 car train and its speed by far exceeds the famed Bullet trains of Japan. The Bullet trains had caught the imagination of the world, but as China showcased its product in front of 200 of the biggest corporations from all over the world, it was apparant that Chinese technology was certainly a step ahead of all others. There are also reports that the Chinese are developing a train that can achieve a speed of 600 km an hour.
In the spotlight is the 16-car CRH380A, a new generation of high-speed train which Chinese Ministry of Railways officials say recorded a top speed of 486.1 kilometers per hour on Friday, far exceeding Japan’s bullet trains.

Add to this feat, the train to the plateau of Tibet and China is certainly way ahead of India. It should not be forgotton that China boasts of the worlds longest high speed network which is 7631 km. The best part is  that a lot of foreign nations and companies from Israel and Iran were keen to buy this super fast train from China.  Experts from the USA were suitably impressed.Where does India stand ? Frankly no where. The lumbering Indian elephant is way behind the Chinese dragon.
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