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Wanna Draw More Traffic Into Your Website? Read This~

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We may all working hard on writing and hopefully that would interest people to read our contents, however, there is some people around us just making a few cents a month due to lack of people’s attention.  Here are a few suggestions below you could simply draw traffic into your contents immediately after your writing is published.

Draw People’s Attention Tip # 1 – Submit your content’s page to SEO

That would sounds simple for you, but where are those pages and how can I submit?  Well, here they are~

They are so easy to use and will put on their search engine within 48 hours.

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Draw People’s Attention Tip # 2 – Publish them into Public Forum

Have you think of what people are doing on the forums?  Sometimes they are trying to find a answer, and sometimes they are bored to dead and that is why you will put your link on the forum so people would have a chance to read your writing.  For example, I wrote a few content about trading stock option, and this is why I go to Rich Dad to put a link for people who want to make money on stock options.

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Draw People’s Attention Tip #3 – Write for people’s common interest

Do you think you have a hard time to think about what to write?  That is a hint for you.  Write for people who are worrying about, love, or for entertainment.  Those are things would draw people’s attention to read.  And that is why you do not want to write something that will bore people just like the driving handbook we are studying for the written test.

And that is so many ways you could do to draw people’s attention, but you should try those tips I have suggested above if you are just a beginner and see how the reaction in the first week.

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