Monday, December 11

Stargate Sg-1: Crystal Skull

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Stargate SG-1: Crystal Skull is an excellent outing, one that is highly popular with fans of the series.  It aired toward the end of the 3rd season and also has the sorry distinction of being the last show before Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson, had his appendicitis attack and indirectly changed the course of direction for the series.

However, the plot is outstanding, giving fans more of Daniel’s history by bringing in his maternal grandfather, Nick Ballard.  Personally, I’m not a Nick fan.  I don’t think this show portrays him as a particularly good guy.

In fact, Jack isn’t fond of Nick I don’t think, and I agree with Jack.  He tolerates him, more than anything else.

Daniel ends up out of phase.  He can see and hear everything, but to everyone else, he’s invisible.  This leads to a few things that I’ll always think about, no matter what.

For example, Daniel sits on top of the computer equipment in one scene.  I love it.  It’s so funny, but how’d he get there?  There is a conflict between how they explain this phase thing and what happens.

There’s also the scene where Daniel questions Jack and Sam about not working through the night because he’d do it for them, which he had, more than once, like in Solitudes.

Shanks shines in this show and the highlights are many.


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