Tuesday, December 12

How To Cook With The Sun Energy Power

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Many people understand the concept of passive solar energy to heat a home. Few realize that can be used to cook food and sterilize water. 

Cooking With The Sun’s Power 

A solar oven is pretty much what it seems. It is used for cooking and sterilizing water. Most people do not even know exist, but are an effective way to cook, both economically and efficiency of view. 

The basic idea is to create a solar cooker a box like structure which the sun warms dramatically. If you have acar sitting in rush hour during the summer, you know that the sun can generate a lot of heat. Instead of cooking in a car, a solar oven is focused on food. 

So, how to cook with it? The box structure is created with dark paneling and then covered with a transparent glass or plastic cover after pots and food and water has been inserted. The structure is sealed. Like a car, the sunlight hits the top clear and warm inside the box. As the heat rises, cook the items it contains. Yes, produces more than enough heat to do the job. It really is as simple as that. 

There are three general types of solar cookers. A solar box works as described above. A panel oven uses reflective surfaces to focus the sun in a pot to create heat and cook the material inside. A TV version is designed to focus sunlight on the bottom of a concave space in the pots sitting. There are variations of three forms, but all designs of solar cookers are derived from these basic shapes. 

While cooking with the sun is a fun and effective, most people will never apply in their home because of obvious design problems. In a cabin or camping, however, is a perfect solution. 


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