Monday, December 18

Stargate Sg-1: Enemy Mine

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Stargate SG-1: Enemy Mine is an episode I just love to pieces, even though I wish it had a bit more to the ending.  For the 7th season, it’s a super entry.

The downside mostly stems from the fact that all of Richard Dean Anderson’s scenes as Jack O’Neill are presented in the first twenty minutes of the show.  It would have been someewhat acceptable had there been one more scene at the end of the show to bookend his moments.  It was needed to complete Daniel’s story which is central here.

The other big issue is that for some odd reason they didn’t alter the schedule so that the wonderful Dion Johnstone could play Chaka the Unas.  This was his role, and he was in the episode after this.  I don’t blame Patrick Currie who filled in and played Chaka in this outing, but Johnstone and his expressive eyes own this character.

On the positive end of the spectrum, that first 20 minutes is superb.  It is chalk full of outstanding Jack and Daniel interaction.  Each scene was perfect.

My absolute favorite, one I will never forget, has Jack placing his hand upon Daniel’s shoulder and saying, “Daniel, go to your happy place.” Classic, and it’s now part of my signature in email.



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