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How to Say Sorry to Your Girl

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Sorry is by far one of the hardest words to say.  You can simply say sorry but making it convey the message effectively will not be an easy one.  You should plan both your words and actions to make sure that each sorry will be of meaning and will help in the process of forgiveness.  Saying sorry and mean it does not guarantee forgiveness especially if you did it wrong so here are some tips on how to say sorry and make her believe that your sincere.

1.) Know the Right Time and Place. 

The environment is an important factor in determining someone’s mood.  Don’t even dare saying sorry in a party full of drunken people yelling around because that would definitely affect your level of sincerity.  Avoid disturbing her late at night just to say you’re sorry since she will surely not appreciate your disturbance.  It is a good idea to invite her for lunch or dinner on a decent restaurant.  Make her feel you are sincere and that you took some time in thinking and planning for the event.  This will make her feel the importance of her forgiveness thus making her think you deserve it too.

2.) Say it with at most Sincerity.

Don’t ever say it while on a grin.  Be serious.  Show her that you really mean it.  If you really do mean it then you won’t even have the reason to smile at these moments.  You can hold her hand if she permits you.  Back up your sorry with reasons about what you did.  It is best to admit your wrong doings rather than make excuses.  She will also appreciate a promise that you will try to improve yourself and will never dare to do such a thing again.  Just make sure to keep your words to save you from future problems.

3.) Don’t Overuse the Word.

Sometimes you should not say it at all.  This is true especially if you had done the wrong thing repeatedly.  Saying sorry would just make her feel you do not mean it.  The best thing to do in this situation is to let your action speak. Do something that would make her happy and never ever dare to do the thing that made her hate you or else you’ll end up losing her for sure.

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