Wednesday, December 13

Farewell Mr. Winkles

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Today is one of the sad days for us as fish pet owner. We lost our dearly beloved Mr. Winkles which is a common Plecos.  He was not feeling well two days ago when I noticed that he is feeling dizzy. Hubby and I researched for ways to keep him back to shape but I guess it was too late because he was not eating very well and he already lost the appetite and continue to live.

If you are a fish pet owner, I am sure you would understand our feeling for losing a pet. We’ve been fish enthusiast for more than two years. We have blue gourami, golden gouramis and kissing gouramis. The rest of our fishes are two iridescent sharks namely Giggles and Raddish. We keep changing our water tank every week but we see to it that if for a day the water is looking murky, we do change 50% of it.

We do know for a fact that the health of fishes depends on their water so we see to it that the PH level of water was just fine as well as it is free from chlorine and other toxic materials.  The foods that we give them were varieties too from flakes, to pellets to dried worms and fresh worms. Our fishes do like to eat such a variety and we only feed them twice, one in the morning and one at night time.

We just didn’t know that Mr. Winkles is not eating properly and it was really late for us to discover that he developed a very unpleasant skipping meals habit. Before, he used to be the first to grab the food in the tank, but now that he is gone, we will surely miss him. I don’t know if we will just buy a new one but keeping fishes was not really easy. They needed enough space as they grow and we have upgraded our tank which is now bigger and better but sadly losing a fish is really a big disappointment to us since we do keep them well.

I myself carefully scan them for ich or rot tail fins and some fish diseases. Every time we see such ailments, we have a hospital tank to quarantine them. We do have fish medicines at home from anti-biotics to medicine drops to keep them healthy. But sadly, a day in a life of a fish is something like we humans would not be able to hold.

We just accepted the fact that life is uncertain and we cannot do anything to our dying fish no matter how hard we try for those two days when Mr. Winkles was struggling. I just told my hubby that we should still be thankful that Mr. Winkles was once part of the family who gave us a good laugh when he shows off his tricks. From now on, I would be more observant to our pets behavior particularly in their eating habits.


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