Wednesday, December 13

What to Give Her on Your First Anniversary

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Are you confused on what to give her on your first anniversary?  You can’t decide on what gifts would make her happy at most. You can’t think of any idea because you’re just in a new relationship and you don’t know her from head to foot yet.  You are anxious whether your gift will insult her in anyway.  You are in a long distance relationship and you are troubled if the gift will fit her taste and life style.  Well if all the cases that I mentioned are true to you then you’re in bug trouble.  But then again, stay calm and don’t be stress yourself.  I have provided some tips that will help you make her jump for joy as she receives your gift.

1.) Know Your Budget.

You are quite limited to your budget.  Unless you’re the richest man in your town and you can afford anything that Amazon offers then you won’t need this tip.  You must be honest to yourself.  You don’t need to spend all the money in you bank account just for the gift.  Make your budget reasonable to your lifestyle.  Moreover, it’s not the price that counts most, it’s the thought.

2.) Make it Personal and Unique.

The best gifts are those that are priceless.  Use whatever talent you have.  If you can draw then draw her something and frame it.  It would cost you only the canvas and the frame but the thought and the effort in painting something dedicated only for her will be very sweet.  If you’re an in-born poet then write a poem for her or you can even write a love story dedicated for her.  The possibilities are endless; you just need to be creative and resourceful.

3.) Ask Someone Close to Her.

If you really don’t have an idea on what she likes you can always ask her friend, sister or anyone close to her for some opinions.  They will definitely be of great help especially on colors, styles and brands that your girl prefers.

4.) Be on the Safe Side.

Don’t ever dare giving her insulting gifts.  You can’t take any risk.  A gift is intended to make her happy and not to be insulted. Women are very sensitive and you must always consider asking some girls advice about your gift to make sure that it won’t hurt her feelings in any way.

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